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Golden Kah Design is a branding and creative marketing agency servicing business professionals that are passionate about consistently giving their clients an exceptional experience. From solopreneurs to mid-size business owners, we have services and resources designed specifically with you in mind.

If you’re not branding properly, you’re losing money.

Branding effects all areas of your marketing efforts. Whether digital (website, social media, email marketing) or print (brochure, flyer, apparel, etc…). It’s always visual AND vocal.

we believe in branding.

For Golden Kah Design, branding is about 3 things:

the passion,

The passion you have for your business
is the blood that flows through your brand. When you love what you do and who you serve, a great brand is already in the works.

the experience,

The client experience is the most important part of a business transaction. Branding is realizing that your presentation and interactions are as much a part of the process as anything else.

and the strategy.

Branding is about succeeding after the transition as much as it is the process itself. Strategy helps for you to understand how to use your new advantage to leverage and conquer in your industry.

We hear your story all the time.

“I can’t afford branding.”
“I’m not really into all that stuff, I just want to sell.”
“I just need a logo.”

I’m here to tell you, you can’t NOT AFFORD to brand.
Over time, you will spend so much money revamping over and over and over again.
You may be leaving some fans behind because your brand becomes unrecognizable.

You’ve been taking Facebook courses, downloading free resources and watching countless
YouTube videos just to get an idea of what you want or even worse, you google someone else’s
brand in hopes that some can create something similar for yourself.


Inspiration, never imitation!

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Brands weren’t made to change like the wind, and they certainly weren’t made for you to be
exactly who and what your competitor’s represent.

What’s your UVP? Nobody cares if you can’t even stand out in the crowd.

Good Branding lasts for a while and expresses your company values across many mediums.
It’s not just about your logo and color palette, it’s about building a system that you can use for
years to come.

Sounds great right? But not necessarily in your wheelhouse?
It’s okay because that’s where I come in. Let’s talk about how to get you the leverage over
your competitor you’ve been looking for.


  Hi, I’m Kathy Jean-Joseph.  

I’ll teach you how to brand your business experience impeccably so that you can gain the leverage you deserve over competitors and clients. I also know digital marketing, web design and graphic design so we can talk about those too.

The more you know.

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Kathy works with solopreneurs & small businesses to help them communicate better with their audience, visually & vocally.


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