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a humble introduction

Who we are

Expression turned into passion.
passion turned into business.

Sitting on a couch in an apartment, I woke up and made a decision. I bought a domain and hosting for — too much money and built the first iteration of what Golden Kah Design could’ve been. I posted a post on Facebook and finally announced that I would be doing design for payment… At that moment, I had never charged ANYONE for design. It was something I loved to do. I did it for my sorority, I did it for college groups. It was something to do on the side. Not a career. Or so I thought.

After a year of trying to get into the field I graduated in, I had a hard talk with myself and God and decided to do something I loved and would do for free instead of force myself to do something I didn’t love as much.  I coupled design talent and went  to school for a Masters in Digital Marketing and built what you see today.

Golden Kah Design has since then become a base board for so many new ideas, strategies and company starting points. Dedicated to holistic marketing, we love to see the bigger picture in both design and marketing strategy. 

Golden Kah Design understands that good brands are a testament to their focus on building a foundation of good communication and effective visual materials and the big one, research, which most people feel like they can do without.

We passionately believe that entrepreneurs that can think more largely about their potential impact can present and prepare themselves more effectively. We also passionately believe that building a business foundation is the difference from struggling and hustling and what can turn your business into a functional system.

meet your


Hello, I’m Kathy

& I’m the CEO and Founder of Golden Kah Design. Also, I’m also a Haitian Business Owner 🇭🇹. Yes, I said designing your strategy. Design takes thought and intentionality and I believe that this is what I bring to the table when it comes to my marketing campaigns / sessions.

Aside from natural inclinations, I am a Full Sail University Graduate with a Masters in Internet Marketing. I also received my Bachelors from the University of North Florida in Psychology. Graphic Design however is a talent of pure passion that I’ve been self-teaching for years and years and decided 2 years ago to make more than a hobby. 


a little more

About Me



Macaroni & Cheese
(Cheesy, not baked) 🧀

Nutella on bread
with a glass of milk 🥛

Hotdogs with
no bread

Cereal in a cup

Turkey & Mozzarella

the vibes


Mura Masa




Bethel Music

Jubilee Worship

Naomi Raine

Trey McLaughlin  & the
Sounds of Zamar

netflix + chill



Love Jones

Love & Basketball

The Titanic


War Room

a few more

Random Facts


I like watching Interviews of my favorite celebrities. It’s nice to know what they’re thinking when they create the things I love.


The best fries come from Checkers. Fact, not opinion. And the best ideas come while listening to Trevor Noah in the background.


Before I design anything, I spend hours in a notebook just writing out ideas. And I love pen and paper. There’s nothing like it.


The best inspiration is a passionate client. It’s contagious.

” Kathy is an expert in her field, her knowledge and result driven mindset is a win win… her work is very unique, neat, professional and creative! I am very happy with what she has done for my company I am excited for our future!”

– Julie D.

kind words

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