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a humble introduction

Who we are

Hello, I’m Kathy!

the CEO and Founder of Golden Kah Design. Also, I’m the one and done employee that is designing your strategies and visual material. Yes, I said designing your strategy. Design takes thought and intentionality and I believe that this is what I bring to the table when it comes to my marketing campaigns / sessions.

Aside from natural inclinations, I am a Full Sail University Graduate with a Masters in Internet Marketing. I also received my Bachelors from the University of North Florida in Psychology. Graphic Design however is a talent of pure passion that I’ve been self-teaching for years and years and decided 2 years ago to make more than a hobby.


I created Golden Kah Design because I was tired of people taking their branding in their own hands and naturally not presenting themselves to the best of their abilities. I understood that good brands were a testament to their focus on building a foundation of good communication and effective visual materials and the big one, research, which most people feel like they can do without. 

I passionately believe that entrepreneurs that can think more largely about their potential impact can present and prepare themselves more effectively. I also passionately believe that building a business foundation is the difference from struggling and hustling and what can turn your business into a functional system.

I’m here to help you unlock the potential in your brand visually and vocally.

” Kathy is an expert in her field, her knowledge and result driven mindset is a win win… her work is very unique, neat, professional and creative! I am very happy with what she has done for my company I am excited for our future!”

– Julie David

If you have any questions, it’s free to ask.

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