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Your company’s personality
starts here.

The passion, experience and strategy. With a sprinkle of great design.

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Branding is visual & vocal. With a holistic view to the branding process, we’ll be going over key communication tactics and of course great design.

we believe in branding.

For Golden Kah Design, branding is about 3 things:

the passion,

The passion you have for your business
is the blood that flows through your brand. When you love what you do and who you serve, a great brand is already in the works.

the experience,

The client experience is the most important part of a business transaction. Branding is realizing that your presentation and interactions are as much a part of the process as anything else.

and the strategy.

Branding is about succeeding after the transition as much as it is the process itself. Strategy helps for you to understand how to use your new advantage to leverage and conquer in your industry.

What’s Included?

 These are the few core benefits we believe incorporate in the branding process…

The Roastery® Branding Program

We’ll take 3-4 weeks going over your brand messaging
& communication and forming your business’s brand

Brand Strategy & Position, Brand Story, Message + Tone of Voice, Competitor Analysis + more…

Web Design

With your online business home included in the package, you’re covering all your new business’s needs at once.

UX/UI, Custom Graphics, Color Scheming

Identity Design

The classic portion of what branding is usually associated with. Color palette, logo and styling for your new company to match the personality of your brand.

Logo Design, Social Media Basics, File Type Guide + more…

Brand Style Guide

Use your new style guide with any creative professional you choose to keep your brand cohesive for years to come.

Not sure what you need?

Get a website audit whether you’re doing a new
website or revamping an existing one.

book a brand audit consultation

Kathy works with solopreneurs & small businesses to help them communicate better with their audience, visually & vocally.


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