Hover Effect Ideas | Set 1

 the story


The Evynt project was born from a previous app passion project developed to tell city individuals what’s going on around them. The team at, then, Citiskope, realized that people’s complaint of being “bored” was simple because they weren’t aware of the happenings all around them. They sought out to build a social event app. Similar to Snapchat + Eventbrite at the same time to explore a more real time, on the moment way to get the word out about moments beginning around them.

The feeling of the brand is new tech age, sleek, colorful, bright and igniting and we wanted to capture that through minimalistic sleek branding that was on trend with other tech brands today.

The logo is a reflection of the quintessential balloon to signify any celebratory event with hand lettered type for the logo drawn by myself via Wacom Tablet.



the palette