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Work smarter, not harder.

Here are some tools, programs and sites I recommend.
I use them and love them!

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Planoly is a Social Media scheduling tool made specifically for Instagram. You can literally schedule and plan every type of post that exists for the platform, create drafts, view analytics and even comment back.
All in one place.


Being a successful entrepreneur is about consistently learning. 
Learn how to be good in your industry, learn how to better, and succeed in being the best.  I love learning things that I think will give me a competitive edge and I use Skillshare to learn a lot!

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For freelancers, Bonsai is GOLD. This platform helps freelancers create contracts, track expenses, create invoices and much more. If speed dial still existed, Bonsai would be my #1 lady.

Definitely a headache reducer.

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We all have Netflix but do you have Hulu? Hulu is for the hear and now, on cable but I don’t have cable but I can act like I do a day later habits that we tend to have. It’s always nice as a freelancer to have entertainment when you’re always working
either secluded or just enjoy being by yourself during a full work day.

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